How accurate is Twigle’s audio recognition?

Twigle’s audio recognition puts the correct bird is in the top ten, 70% of the time.

How accurate is Twigle’s image recognition?

Twigle’s image recognition has an accuracy of 60%. 90% of the time the correct species will be in the top 5.

How do I get support?

We are here to help. Send us a message from the contact page or email support [at] twigle {dot} co.

How many birds can Twigle recognise by audio recognition?

Currently Twigle performs audio recognition of birds only for the most common garden birds (50 for North America & 40 for Britain & Ireland). You can view the list on the Audio Search List page within the app.

How many birds can Twigle recognise by image recognition?

Twigle uses image recognition to help you identify 540 species of birds from North America, 350 species from Southern Africa and 310 species from the UK & Ireland.

What is Twigle?

Twigle helps you easily identify birds by automatically identifting birds from their photos and birdsongs. Simply select a photo or record a singing bird and Twigle will identify it.

Which platforms does Twigle supported?

Twigle is available on Android, iOS and Windows.

Why can’t I find Twigle on Google Play?

Twigle is not available on Google Play because Google does not let developers in my country and many other countries  submit apps that are charged for sale on Google Play. You can get Twigle from the Amazon Appstore.