Things to know (bold print)

Twigle has great technology to help you identify and engage with birds. But as with all tech it has its limits and we want you to know about them.

  • Twigle’s image recognition works with clear images, for example taken using DSLR cameras with the appropriate lenses. You can then transfer the photos to your device to identify the birds. Photos of birds taken with the phone’s camera are generally not crisp and clear and thus are not the use case of this app (which is why there is no feature to take a photo using the app). We are working to improve this in later versions.
  • Currently Twigle performs audio recognition of birds only for the most common garden birds (50 for North America & 40 for Britain & Ireland). You can view the list on the Audio Search List page within the app. Twigle’s audio recognition puts, for 70% of the time, the correct bird is in the top 10.
  • A purchase of Twigle comes with a Starter Credits Bundle with 150 credits, that allow you to perform bird image recognition on 150 photos. When these are finished you can make an in-app purchase of Premium Credit Bundles to photo id more birds.
    Starter credits have a quota of 5 bird photo identifications per day.
  • Twigle’s audio recognition is not yet available when you download the database for Southern Africa.
  • Twigle’s database downloads are quite large (several hundreds of MBs) and so it is recommended that you download them over WiFi to avoid huge cellular data charges.